Bank Levies & Wage Garnishment Help

Bank Levies & Wage Garnishments can devastate a family financially, leaving you wondering how the bills will get paid.

Levies and Garnishments occur when tax returns have not been filed and the IRS has assessed your delinquent tax debt, or when you simply have unpaid tax debt.

Fortunately, it is more of an IRS tool to get your attention and force you to pursue a course of action that will put you back into compliance with the IRS.

CPR Tax Associates will contact the IRS directly and determine what the exact issues are and what you need to do to get back into compliance. Once the cause and situation is understood, we will work with you to file any un-filed or past-due returns, then deal with the debt resolution in one of the four ways explained below.


  • Pay in full
  • Pay debt and penalties in full, bringing you up to compliance immediately.

  • Show you can’t pay
  • Your status will be changed to “currently non collectable,” and provided that you keep current with future IRS Tax Returns and your income situation does not improve to the point where the IRS may pursue that debt owed, the statutes of collectablility will eventually expire.

  • Payment Plan
  • We negotiate with the IRS to formulate a payment plan that works for you.

  • Offer in compromise / Settlement
  • In certain cases where the situation is right, you may be able to settle a large debt for pennies on the dollar. This is rare, however, and we encourage our customers to be wary of other companies claiming they can settle any case like this.

In certain instances, CPR Tax Associates may be able to get some penalties abated. This is rare, however, and is pursued on a case by case basis.

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