Q?My wages are being garnished. What can I do?

Determine why the garnishments are occurring. Is it because of un-filed returns, extensive debt, etc? Determine how much you owe the IRS. At this point, it is difficult to stand alone against the IRS and we would suggest seeking professional assistance.

Q?How can you help me with an IRS Tax Audit?

Remember! The IRS is NOT your friend.

We will sit down, gather your financial records, formulate a plan of attack to counter the audit, and go from there. We won’t let the IRS run you over.

Q?What if I don’t have good tax records?

You will need to determine your income, then conservatively estimate your expenses based on your line of work. Then you can file a tax return that makes sense.

We can show you how to keep better records so that in the future you can be better protected against IRS Tax audits.

Q?What if I don’t file a tax return?

If there is income on record for you, reported by your employers, the IRS will file a return for you. They will not give you any exemptions or expenses, and you will likely have a much higher tax obligation.

Q?Is not filing my tax return against the law?

Yes. The IRS would rather have some sort of tax return than none at all.